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Hi I'm Kim,

Not only am I a business owner but a wife, mother and grand......

This is important when I reflect back on why I began this business in
the first place.  I believe that our over all living and working
environment is important to our quality of life and health, we have
responsibility to those who depend upon our undertaking the
challenge to protect their quality of life and health.  Everyone should
have equal opportunity to live and work in an environment in which
environmental concerns are controlled minimally and preferably
eliminated altogether.

I also understand that as with most everything else, for this type of
service to become available to home owners and small businesses  
the industry must support the entrepreneur, and the entrepreneur in
return MUST be service oriented.  

At Reliance Environmental Services, LLC.  you will find that we won't
over book our projects in effort to maximize profitability.  Therefore, we
are there to handle your project when we said we would, and
complete it on time.  We are attentive to your concerns, as if the
home, office, or building your presenting is as much our investment
as it is yours.  Professionalism is our goal from cradle to grave when
it comes to your project.  And finally, we make all of this as affordable
as possible because we want your return business!

As you consider the options of contracting with someone to approach
your environmental concerns in the home or work place, of course it's
important to be sure that your contractor is appropriately licensed in
this state, appropriately insured, has a reputable standing with the
local regulatory agencies, and can provide competitive pricing.   We
additionally urge you to consider someone who renders life and
health of great value and importance.

We would be happy to be of service to you,
you are our business!

Most sincerely,

Kim Burrus
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We certainly welcome the opportunity to be of service to you!
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